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Core Technology

AITRICS has developed 'Explainable AI' that can interpret the results, 'Deep Learning Acceleration' that reduces the size of the model, and 'Meta-Learning' that learns how to learn through Bayesian Deep Learning and Meta-Learning, which are the core source technologies of AITRICS.

Bayesian Learning

AI that knows when to say 'I don't know'

Bayesian Deep Learning is a research field that develops a Neural network that considers probability distribution to ameliorate the uninterpretable and low reliability of existing standard Neural networks.

With Bayesian Deep Learning, we provide reliable artificial intelligence that can help rational decision-making in high-risk tasks like finance or medical diagnosis.

Meta Learning

AI that learns how to learn

The best machine learning model often requires training with numerous samples. Meta-Learning, a trendy field in machine learning, aims to solve this by capturing reoccurring patterns and creating meta-rules that generalize to various problems so that when an unseen, but the familiar problem is encountered, adaptation can be much faster.

Meta-learning allows you to develop machine learning platforms that automatically explore the model structure and optimize hyperparameters that best fit a given task with few learning samples.

AITRICS solutions can be applied to various fields to increase synergy and drive innovation in each industry.

Health Care

Saving lives & staying healthy

There is no other industry than healthcare that the utility of AI technology is clear and evident. AI technology has made significant strides such as improvement of the diagnosis system of healthcare institutions and companies, simplification of the process of drug discovery.

The use of AI in the medical field has a direct impact on the patient’s life; thus, the reliability and interpretation of its result are incredibly critical.

AITRICS is transforming the paradigm of the medical fields through its independent development of ‘Uncertainty-aware Attention Mechanism’ by supporting preemptive response of the medical team, improving the efficiency of hospital resources, and enhancing the quality of medical services.


Supporting professionals decisions

AI technology in the financial industry enables to draw meaningful content and support business operations. Financial companies are facing more complex and uneasy reality than ever – technological gaps, commission fee pressure, and low customer conversion rates – while also meeting the most significant opportunities to get a step ahead of competitors through the adoption of cutting-edge technologies.

To take a step forward by stimulating changes, the introduction of AI technology is no longer a choice but a necessity. However, as the smallest misjudgments can lead up to a massive loss in the financial industry, all decisions must be made carefully.

AITRICS provides AI solutions that support experts make the right decision by not only providing accuracy and reliability for the forecast results of its model but also interprets the factors that influenced the results.


Improving customer experience

The introduction of artificial intelligence in the gaming industry increases the revenue opportunities for companies by enhancing user convenience and offering fun factors.

Image and voice recognition technologies can solve various problems that occur in the virtual space; thus, its potential for utilization is genuinely limitless. However, there are limitations providing an all-around AI service that meet all of the clients’ needs that widely across different industry.

AITRICS provides AI services using LAS models (Listen, Attend, and Spell) that perform best in terms of voice and vision. We assort our technologies and provide you with a customized solution that best fits your specific needs.

Supply Chain Management

Upgrading business value

Artificial intelligence in the retail industry can add core value to business operations, such as marketing and predicting and optimizing distribution center operations, thereby strengthening revenue structure and securing competitiveness.

AI-based prediction systems for accurate customer demands and sophisticated planning are key tools in the retail industry. That's why precise demand prediction and efficient inventory management are essential for any business that has a significant impact on a company's revenue.

With the synergy of our self-developed 'Uncertainty-aware Attention Mechanism' and the application know-hows we have accumulated in the medical field, we can provide more specific and accurate AI services that may even find you new business opportunities.

As such, AITRICS develops algorithms that can be applied to the entire supply chain management process to provide customized solutions.

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