Mixed Effect Composite RNN-GP: A Personalized and Reliable Prediction Model for Healthcare

Ingyo Chung, Saehoon Kim, Juho Lee, Sung Ju Hwang and Eunho Yang

We present a personalized and reliable prediction model for healthcare, which can provide individually tailored medical services such as diagnosis, disease treatment and prevention. Our proposed framework targets to making reliable predictions from time-series data, such as Electronic Health Records (EHR), by modeling two complementary components: i) shared component that captures global trend across diverse patients and ii) patient-specific component that models idiosyncratic variability for each patient. To this end, we propose a composite model of a deep recurrent neural network (RNN) to exploit expressive power of the RNN in estimating global trends from large number of patients, and Gaussian Processes (GP) to probabilistically model individual time-series given relatively small number of time points. We evaluate the strength of our model on diverse and heterogeneous tasks in EHR datasets. The results show that our model significantly outperforms baselines such as RNN, demonstrating clear advantage over existing models when working with noisy medical data.

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