AITRICS Selected for TIPS (Tech Incubator Program for Startups) of the Ministry of SMEs and MSS

February 5, 2018

AITRICS has been selected for TIPS, the accelerator investment-driven tech incubator program for startups, designed to identify and nurture the most promising startups with innovative ideas and groundbreaking technologies.

AITRICS, founded by a group of South Korea’s prestigious machine learning experts, is a private AI tech startup creating the next generation of data-driven health intelligence. Analyzing real time patient data including vital signs, blood tests, prescriptions and etc, the company leverages its core AI technologies to deliver the most accurate predictions of diseases and life-threatening events like mortality, sepsis, arrest, readmission, LOS and so on.

Since its launch with the angel investment from Spring Camp, AITRICS has built the team of talented professionals from diverse backgrounds to create the most exceptional AI team and proven itself to be the leading AI group in healthcare through dozens of publications accepted at top-tier conferences including NIPS, ICML, AISTATS and AAAI. “We are honored to be named by TIPS as one of the most promising Artificial Intelligence companies, and excited to bring dramatic advances in data-driven healthcare in due time,” said Jinkyoo Yoo, Co-founder and CEO of AITRICS.

TIPS provides R&D grants up to five-fold the amount of investments by pre-qualified angel investors. In addition to amplifying early angel investments, TIPS offers seamless service encompassing angel investor networking, company incubation, mentoring, and matching R&D funds.

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