AITRICS to develop next-generation AI technology

July 12, 2017

The South Korean government has selected AITRICS along with UNIST, KAIST, Korea University, Yonsei Hospital as the principal institutions to develop next-generation AI technology. This large-scale AI national R&D project is one of nine national projects — AI, virtual reality, self-driving cars, light-weight material, smart city, precision medicine, new drugs, carbon resources and fine dust — that aim to create new growth engines in preparation for the fourth industrial revolution.

The project team, composed of the highest profile machine learning professionals, has received a substantial 15 billion won ($13.7 million USD) investment from the Ministry of Science and ICT of South Korea. With this funding, the research team is developing AI technology that not only analyzes and makes predictions based on actual data but also explains the decision-making process behind predictions made.

AI technology, until now, has been focusing on proving the accuracy of its decisions. Currently, it cannot account for the reasoning behind its decisions, making it less than reliable in areas such as stock predictions, military planning and medical diagnosis, among others.

By developing AI that explains its decision making process, the team aims to increase the level of AI credibility by adding human-like ability to explain decisions and predictions made. The added feature will allow the use of AI technology in a myriad of sectors such as medical diagnosis, financial transaction reports, and other professional fields.

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