Four AITRICS papers have been accepted for publication at ICML 2017

July 3, 2017

AITRICS papers being presented at ICML 2017 include:

  • Combined Group and Exclusive Sparsity for Deep Neural Networks, authored by Jaehong Yoon and Sung Ju Hwang
  • Graphical Models for Ordinal Data: A Tale of Two Approaches, authored by Arun Sai Suggala, Eunho Yang and P. Ravikumar
  • SplitNet: Learning to Semantically Split Deep Networks for Parameter Reduction and Model Parallelization, authored by Juyong Kim, Yookoon Park, Gunhee Kim and Sung Ju Hwang
  • Sparse + Group-Sparse Dirty Models: Statistical Guarantees without Unreasonable Conditions and a Case for Non-Convexity authored by Eunho Yang and A. Lozano

In addition to presenting four research papers, AITRICS researchers will be interacting with worldwide top performers and sharing their latest insights on AI in healthcare at ICML 2017.

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