AITRICS selected as the final companies in the Seoul VC Connect program

May 28, 2020

AITRICS was selected as the final 15 companies for the 'Seoul VC Connect' in recognition of its potential success in attracting overseas investment.

Seoul VC Connect is a support project to help startups and small and medium-sized enterprises in Seoul, operated by Seoul Metropolitan Government and G3 Partners. Under the motto of "Connecting Overseas Investors to Seoul Start-ups," the goal is to serve full-scale support measures so that outstanding bio and medical-related companies headquartered in Seoul can seize global investment opportunities.

AITRICS introduced VitalCare, a solution that predicts the occurrence of emergencies such as sepsis and mortality in hospitals in advance. VitalCare is applied with its own developed 'eXplainable AI' technology. It provides accurate and description available predictive scores to help medical staff understand when and how to treat properly, overcoming the limitations of the existing evaluation tools. In the future, AITRICS is planning to expand predicted diseases and improve performance based on various medical data, such as clinical notes and prescriptions.

As the first program of the Seoul VC Connect, AITRICS will participate in the 'BIO International Convention.' It is the world's largest annual event in the biopharmaceutical industry in the United States, where 16,000 companies such as manufacture and distribute biomedicine, digital healthcare, and big data platforms from 67 countries worldwide come together. 'Bio USA' scheduled to be hosted in San Diego for five days from June 8 to 12 this year, but due to the Coronavirus, all courses such as 1:1 partnering and IR presentation sessions will be conducted online.

Seoul VC Connect will provide to finally selected startup companies about training and coaching to attract overseas investment during the program, as well as industry networking for cooperation with global companies. They also provide opportunities to promote businesses in a variety of ways to attract overseas investors' attention and support participation in online and offline conferences and costs.

"I would like to thank the Seoul Metropolitan Government for providing a good program in a difficult situation where global investor sentiment is shrinking. I am also pleased that the platform developed based on our state-of-art AI source technology recognized for its potential overseas expansion. We hoped that VitalCare would greatly help improve the medical team's convenience and efficiently manage hospital resources. Seoul VC Connect is expected to be a good opportunity at this time we are preparing to enter the US market. We will continue to establish itself as an AI startup that can represent Korea," said Jinkyu Yoo, CEO of AITRICS.

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