AITRICS raised $8M Series-A funding

February 13, 2020

AITRICS has raised 8 million through the Series-A led by Premier Partners and including BNH Investment, Kiwoom Securities, JX Partners, BSK Investment, followed by other domestic venture firms.

AITRCS is an AI solutions start-up, consisted of the best professionals, developing innovative solutions, and pioneering markets in various industries. AI source technology, developed by AITRICS, is globally recognized for its excellence in many international AI academies, including NeurIPS and ICML. Notably, our Bayesian Deep Learning and Meta-Learning technologies support the development of efficient AI technologies by enabling the improvement of reliability through uncertainty modeling of the results and creating high-performance models with only a small amount of data learning.

AITRICS has developed ‘VitalCare,’ a predictive solution for sepsis in hospitals, and ‘RiskCare,’ a chronic disease prediction solution, in the AI healthcare field and is currently conducting data verification with leading hospitals at home and abroad. Besides, AITRICS continues to expand our business in various areas such as finance, retail, and entertainment as well as in the ongoing healthcare sector, helping companies to adopt AI solutions.

“At AITRICS, outstanding Machine Learning experts are working on solving problems that have been difficult to address, such as sepsis diagnosis. Also, their ‘eXplainable AI’ technology can give reliability to decision-making to industry experts who utilize machine learning such as medical and financial services. From these points of view, we decided to invest because it has a difference from other AI companies,” said Yoon Ha-young, director of Premier Partners.

With this investment, AITRICS plans to advance AI healthcare products, recruit more professionals to further research and development. This will accelerate the pace of AI solution business, which can be applied not only to the medical field but also to various industries.

“We will try our best,” said Jinkyu Yoo, CEO, and co-founder of AITRICS, “to make the vision of countless companies become a reality.” He also mentioned, “We appreciate the support of investors who have empathized with the mission of AITRICS to create new values of AI and make it easier to understand and apply technology.” Based on this investment, AITRICS will further strengthen AI solutions and target the global market.

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