Data-driven Health Intelligence company AITRICS successfully raises seed funding

June 30, 2017

AITRICS received venture capital funding from SpringCamp, a subsidiary company of Naver Corporation, which is the largest search engine that handles approx. 80% of all web searches in South Korea. Funded by a couple of more industry veterans, AITRICS is constantly drawing significant attention with their promising medical AI solution development.

Today the rapid commercialization of machine learning and big data has empowered AI to come to the forefront of healthcare and starts to change how the industry diagnoses and treats disease. The idea behind AITRICS is to utilize AI technologies in strengthening medical diagnosis process and enhance care delivery both at home and in hospitals.

The company is currently developing base AI technologies such as explainable AI (XAI), One shot/Zero shot learning model and etc. These technologies will enable the computer to not only identify but also explain things with limited data by imitating a human information processing system. AITRICS Clinical Decision Supporting System (CDSS) to which these technologies are applied will help doctors diagnose and prescribe better by making most of all types of modalities and detecting diseases as pancreatic cancer and arrhythmia more accurately.

At the moment, AITRICS is engaging in work to have AI learn a huge amount of medical data to diagnose, predict and prescribe, in partnership with major hospitals including Yeonsei Severance Hospital.

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