AITRICS went in for 'Rise Hong Kong 2019'

July 12, 2019

AITRICS participated in ‘Rise HK 2019’, which was held at Hong Kong Convention center on July 8-11, 2019. Rise Hong Kong is known as the Asia’s largest technology conference, established by the European Tech Conference Web summit team. Hundreds of influential investors and global media reporters attend this event every year, and the world’s largest IT companies and promising start-up leaders come together to share their inventive ideas.

AITRICS took part in Rise Hong Kong to share their innovative artificial intelligence source technology. The key technologies that they displayed include Bayesian Optimization, which improves the speed and accuracy of machine learning models; Interpretation Module, which provides the rationale behind the decisions that models come up with; and lastly, Bayesian Neural network, which provides confidence by calculating uncertainty about the results.

Leveraging their advanced technologies, AITRICS tackled the “Blackbox” issues of AI. (Please find the related publication in the following link,

AI algorithms are often described as the invisible ‘blackbox’, since the process showing how a machine learning algorithm reaches its decision is not transparent. Deep learning is a huge non-linear system created by imitating a human’s brain. It is surrounded by millions of layers and parameters, making it difficult to grasp the decision-making process. At Rise Hong Kong, AITRICS demonstrated that their technology not only provides accurate results, but also provides a reliable basis for its decisions and help users make safe and objective decisions.

“It is an honor to have the chance to introduce AITRICS' unrivaled artificial intelligence solutions to both domestic and overseas markets. AITRICS is working with outstanding experts at home and abroad to broaden the boundaries of AI, and we will continue to strive to solve the important challenges facing mankind. Beginning with Rise HK, we hope to lead the artificial intelligence industry through innovative technologies.” stated Jinkyoo Yoo, Co-founder and CEO of AITRICS.

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