AITRICS and Cleveland Clinic announced Personalized Medicine Collaboration in Oncology

May 7, 2019

AITRICS, a Korea-based AI startup offering predictive intelligence software platforms, has signed a partnership agreement with Cleveland Clinic under which they will collaborate on conducting cancer research leveraging AI techniques.

The partnership reflects the two parties’ wish to deliver genome-driven precision oncology for patients with refractory cancer. AITRICS and Cleveland Clinic will start off by analyzing the relationship between patient genes and pathological symptoms with the use of the most advanced machine learning techniques. The new methodology that will maximize the effect of anticancer drugs will provide guidance on genetic profiling-based cancer treatments, which will ultimately lead them to achieve Personalized Medicine geared toward the individual patient.

“Being recognized by such a prestigious hospital is a great privilege. As cancer remains one of the leading causes of death around the world, we would like to deliver personalized treatment options to patients. We hope that our collaboration with Cleveland Clinic will accelerate bringing new oncology treatments to market and with further work, improve overall patient care” said Jinkyu Yoo, CEO and Co-founder of AITRICS.

“We are honored to work with AITRICS, which has world-class capabilities in machine learning and artificial intelligence research. It is expected that the core technology that only AITRICS possesses and the medical expertise of the Cleveland Clinic researchers will create a great synergy effect,” stated Dr. Taehyun Hwang, AI Academic Group Leader at Cleveland Clinic. “Through this partnership, we are going to use patients’ genomes and various clinical data to build biomarkers and predictive models that can enhance the effectiveness of patients’ treatment.”

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