AITRICS partners with YUHS to predict adverse events in critical hospital settings

March 7, 2019

  • Among the dignitaries attending the ceremony were Yoon Do-heum, President of YUHS, Jin-kyu Yoo, CEO and Cofounder of AITRICS, along with two other Yonsei Medical Faculty Professors

AITRICS, a startup with a predictive intelligence software platform, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Yonsei University Health System (YUHS), which is comprised of some of the largest hospitals in South Korea. The Severance Hospital of YUHS itself has 3,700 beds, approximately 3 million outpatients and 1 million inpatients annually.

Utilizing patient data including real-time vital signs and most advanced machine learning technologies, AITRICS has developed a predictive analytics system that prevents life-threatening events in all care settings. It detects clinical deterioration in real time and identifies “red flags” that could point to individuals at high risk of developing critical conditions like mortality, sepsis and cardiac arrest.

Through this partnership, AITRICS will conduct its advanced clinical trials at Sinchon and Gangnam Severance Hospitals, starting off by monitoring two different facilities: general wards and intensive care units (ICUs), then expanding its deployment setting to emergency departments. Its effectiveness and safety will be carefully reviewed and verified.

"In order to implement medical AI in the real-world clinical setting, it’s most crucial to go through a thorough validation of AI technologies with adequately designed clinical research studies. This is how we can ensure patient benefit and safety while avoiding any unintended harms. Through our partnership with YUHS, we hope we can enhance the reliability of medical artificial intelligence,” said Jinkyu Yoo, CEO and Founder of AITRICS.

“If we are well equipped to deal with critical situations during all phases of a patient’s stay, we can, for sure, improve the quality of overall medical care. AITRICS’s advanced tools will help us provide patients with the best possible treatment,” stated Dr. Kyung Soo Jung, from the pulmonology division of Sinchon Severance Hospital.

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