AITRICS Signed a supply contract for 'VitalCare' with 3 Hospitals under the Eunsung Medical Foundation.

26 Jul 2023

- Good Moonhwa Hospital, Good Samsun Hospital, and Good Gang-an Hospital introduced 'VitalCare' 

[July 26, 2023] AITRICS (CEO Kwang joon Kim), a company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) technology announced on 26th that it has signed a supply contract for AI Solution for predicting patient deterioration, 'AITRICS-VC (VitalCare),' with three hospitals under Eunsung Medical Foundation. (Good Moonhwa Hospital, Good Samsun Hospital, and Good Gang-an Hospital) 

VitalCare is a medical AI device that monitors patient conditions in real-time, enabling early prediction of the risk of deterioration. 

Under this agreement, Good Moonhwa Hospital, Good Samsun Hospital, and Good Gang-an Hospital will use VitalCare to predict Major Adverse Events (Mortality, ICU Transfer, CPR) that could occur within 6 hours in general wards. 

The introduction of VitalCare holds significance as it can improve the efficiency of medical staff by predicting acute deterioration early, ultimately leading to an increase in patient survival rates. 

Kwang-joon Kim, CEO of AITRICS said, "VitalCare is a medical device designed with a primary focus on securing clinical value and usability in medical settings. This contract with Eunsung Medical Foundation is expected to provide advanced medical services to patients in the Gyeongsang region, including Busan." He added, "Moving forward, AITRICS will work diligently to swiftly promote the adoption of VitalCare in domestic hospitals, supporting both medical professionals and patients." 

Eunsung Medical Foundation Vice President Ja-seong Gu expressed said, "Through the introduction of AI solutions in Eunsung Medical Foundation's good hospitals, we anticipate providing high-quality medical services by predicting emergency situations early, and striving for a patient-centered and safe medical system." He added, "Eunsung Medical Foundation continues its efforts in building smart hospitals and, through collaboration with AITRICS, aims to practice even more advanced medicine."

Eunsung Medical Foundation is a non-profit medical corporation founded in 1991. It currently operates a total of 11 hospitals, including ood Moonhwa Hospital, Good Samsun Hospital, and Good Gang-an Hospital, in the Busan, Gyeongnam, and Gyeongbuk regions. 

Meanwhile, VitalCare was approved as Postponement of New health technology assessment by NECA in January and has been used as as non-reimbursement at the clinical site since March.


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