AITRICS-VC (VitalCare)

AI Solution for predicting
Patient Deterioration



AI Solution for predicting
Patient Deterioration

AI-based Medical Device

for predicting the risk of
deterioration of patient at an early stage

Using AI technology, we predict the deterioration of patients' conditions and provide information to various sites in hospital such as ICU and General Wards to assist medical staff in making prompt decisions.

Indication Expansion


Major Adverse Events

(CPR, Unexpected ICU Transfer, Mortality)

Acute Kidney Injury

Pulmonary Embolism

Department Expansion

Intensive Care Unit

General Ward

Emergency Room


How to

Utilize 19 comprehensive data including vital signs, blood test results, Glasgow Coma Scale and patient age

Integrate with the electronic health records (EHR) system used in the hospital, real-time patient status can be accessed from any PC connected to the hospital network

Existing early warning score can be compared and viewed on a single screen

feature - 01

Early Prediction

Based on the clinician's decision, customized predictions are made for each disease with the risk level for each time period according to the occurrence of patient deterioration. In addition, the level of risk for event is presented as a score ranging from 0 to 100, thereby supporting decision-making process by clinicians

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Provide Evidence

Informing the causes of the results makes possible for clinicians to respond preemptively.

How it works

Based on the accurate results of the AI solution, the medical staff can efficiently allocate resources and 

equipment to promptly deal with the symptoms, thereby significantly improving the hospital's operational 

efficiency and enhancing the patient survival rate

Medical Centers

Accuracy of Diagnosis


Treatment Efficiency

  Profit growth by Increasing 

  in bed turnover rate

  Efficient communication 

  between medical staff

  Reduction in mortality rates

  through proactive prevention 

  of emergency situations

 Improvement of reliability 

  in hospital and medical staff


MEWS, APACHE-ll, SOFA are medical scoring systems that monitor the severity of a patient's condition by simply adding up various risk factors. Based on these scores, medical professionals infer whether early intervention is necessary for the patient. In contrast, AITRICS-VC calculates scores by considering the correlation between variables using advanced AI technology. As a result, AITRICS-VC provides prediction scores that can support accurate decision-making by medical professionals by presenting the process and evidence behind the results.

* 단일기관, 입원환자 20,474 명 대상


 Sepsis in GW

  Risk of major adverse events in general ward - prediction within 6 hours (MAES)

  Risk of sepsis in general ward - Prediction within 4 hours (SEPS)

  AITRICS-VC (VitalCare)

  MEWS                                 NEWS

  AITRICS-VC (VitalCare)


 Mortality in ICU

  중환자실에서의 급성상태악화(사망) 발생 위험도 - 6시간 이내 예측 (MORS)

  AITRICS-VC (VitalCare)

  SOFA                                    APACHE-2

    Medical Device Approval by the Ministry of 

  ✓  Korea Food and Drug Safety

    Designation as the Breakthrough Device by 

   the Ministry of Korea Food and Drug Safety

    Designation as conditional nHTA for earlier 

    use of the technology at clinical environment 

    by the Ministry of Korea Health and Welfare


· GW : General Ward                                     · MAES : Major Adverse Events

· ICU : Intensive Care Unit                            · AUROC : Area Under Receiver Operating Character